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Discover the incredible story

of the most romantic castle

Stock up on stories and anecdotes about the 19th century
and the families who shaped this masterpiece!

A castle saved by thousands
enthusiasts from all over the world

On October 6, 2017, the start-up Dartagnans launched a crazy idea: collectively buy the Château de la Mothe Chandeniers. The objective? Save and offer the world a new unique model of heritage preservation.

In just a few months, the collective purchasing campaign toured the planet and the castle attracted women and men from 115 countries, of all ages and all cultures. Today, they are the guardians of this absolutely romantic castle.

This fundraising campaign to save this castle and revive it is the largest ever carried out for a heritage project.

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Collective purchasing, an adventure
unique human in the world

Buying a monument collectively means bringing together thousands of enthusiasts around a common project: the preservation and promotion of our heritage.


It also means bringing abandoned places out of their torpor to offer them a new life, thanks to the implementation of unique projects.

Finally, it is an exceptional human adventure where a multitude of individuals, whatever their age, nationality or daily life, become part of an international project.


13th century to 15th century: the evolution of its name

The castle will then pass by inheritance to Nicolas's son, Guillaume Urbain de Lamavoine, Count of Courson. One of the latter's daughters, Anne-Victoire de Lamavoine, married René Charles de Maupéou (1688-1775), vice-chancellor and keeper of the seals of France, and the castle passed into his possession in 1766. While the castle was in the possession of these last two families (of Lamignon and Maupéou), the castle was hardly inhabited or maintained and it fell into ruin. A description of the state of the castle, produced in 1790 by the notary Périot, testifies to the state of dilapidation and degradation of all the buildings.


A project centered around the preservation of heritage and the creation of a unique tourist offer

Since the purchase of the castle in 2018, the Mothe Chandeniers community has done everything to save and bring this fairytale castle to life. After opening to the public in record time, conservation work was undertaken and today, after 4 years of opening, tens of thousands of visitors have been able to discover and marvel at this extraordinary castle.

The history of Mothe-Chandeniers is still being written! The year 2024 will give birth to a new era for the castle by allowing it to welcome visitors for extended stays and to extend the experience for an unusual night at the castle...

The story continues: the Château de la Mothe Chandeniers receives its first star in the Michelin Green Guide to Châteaux de la Loire

In 2017, the start-up Dartagnans launched the crazy challenge of collectively saving this ruin with a thousand faces.

After a record campaign mobilizing more than 20,000 enthusiasts from around the world, 2 years of work, 200 volunteer projects and more than 50,000 visitors welcomed, the Château de la Mothe Chandeniers will receive its first star in the Michelin green guide! This award has been renewed for 2023!

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