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How much is La Mothe Chandeniers worth ? Everything you need to know about its value 💡

Updated: Apr 8

This question comes up regularly in our discussions between co-Châtelains. We'd like to give you a detailed answer.

Since 2018, La Mothe Chandeniers has gone from strength to strength. Between acquisitions, major works, investment in new infrastructure, growth in sales and the creation of a powerful international brand, in just 6 years La Mothe Chandeniers has become a château with an international reputation.


This feat has been made possible by our community and the hard work of our operational teams. We can be proud of how far we've come in such a short space of time.


So, how much is La Mothe Chandeniers worth ? 🤔

In order to accurately estimate its value, we have selected 4 criteria

• land (buildings and works) 

• investments (new buildings), 

• goodwill,

• the brand.


Land and investments are estimated at €4,892,634.

👉 The value of land and investments is made up of acquisitions, works and new infrastructure:

• Buildings (château, outbuildings and parkland): €2,694,284

• Event space, ecolodges and landscaping: €1,518,500

• Works and scenography: €1,159,700*50% = €679,850 (the standard generally involves valuing works at 50% of their value)


The goodwill and trademark are valued at €4,591,682.

👉 The valuation of the goodwill is made up of past and future sales over the next 5 years.

In 2023, La Mothe Chandeniers had sales of around €350,000.

With the opening of our ecolodges in May and the development of our privatisation offer, we should achieve sales of around €500,000 in 2024.

In order to maintain a conservative approach, we are extending these figures over the next 5 years.

Goodwill: €501,946 x 5 years = €2,509,730.

Communauté de co-châtelains devant la Mothe Chandeniers

👉 The valuation of the Mothe Chandeniers brand is made up of the reputation of the château and the goodwill (difference between the acquisition price and the fair value of the company acquired)


Mothe Chandeniers brand: €2,081,952

We therefore estimate the value of La Mothe Chandeniers at €9,484,316 and we are aiming for 20 million by 2030.


📈 Changes in the value of La Mothe Chandeniers since its acquisition in 2018. 📈

📈 Évolution de la valeur de la Mothe Chandeniers depuis son acquisition en 2018.

📈 Évolution de la valeur de la Mothe Chandeniers depuis son acquisition en 2018.


How much is a share of La Mothe Chandeniers worth ? 💡

👉 The value of a share is equal to the total value of La Mothe Chandeniers (€9,484,316) divided by the total number of shares (79,978).

This gives: €9,484,316 / 79,978 = €118.59

Each share is now valued at €118.59.

Communauté de co-châtelains après un chantier devant la Mothe Chandeniers


📣 Last investment opportunity at €79 📣

To reflect this reality, the price of each share will initially rise from €79 to €99.

This revaluation will be confirmed in a few weeks' time both in the online campaign reserved for co-châtelains and in the forthcoming campaign for the general public.

We will get back to you shortly with the official date of the revaluation.

If you would like to continue to support the development of our Mothe Chandeniers before the revaluation, we invite you to discover the current operation and all our achievements since 2018.

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