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La Mothe Chandeniers, all co-châtelains!

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Campaign open until
30 May 2024
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Shareholders and co-châtelains since 2017

I would like to invest and purchase one or more shares for myself or my minor child :

I would like to invest and purchase one or more shares for myself or a third party with the gift box:

I would like to activate my gift box:

La Mothe Chandeniers belongs to an international community of 25,000 co-châtelains. Together, we bring this magical castle back to life through visits, events and the restoration program.

How about taking over a share of the château?

Co-châtelain: a unique status in the world

Become a co-châtelain and participate in the rebirth of a unique castle in the world

The château, which has been dormant since it burnt down in 1932, has been enjoying a veritable resurrection since 2018 thanks to its new guardians. The Sleeping Beauty has risen from the ashes thanks to the 25,000 enthusiasts from all over the world who, under the impetus of the start-up Dartagnans, have committed themselves to bringing the castle out of oblivion and saving it from certain loss. 25,000 storytellers, 25,000 co-Châtelains from the four corners of the world, are ensuring that this collective heritage is passed on. 

Etoile Michelin 2023

An adventure like no other! After all, being co-châtelain means writing the future of the most enchanting castle in the world.

Saving a castle to rebuild its past, restoring its present and, above all, ensuring its future: that's the colossal task facing us. So why not join us in the adventure of La Mothe Chandeniers ?

For less than €80, treat yourself to a slice of the château!

Have you always dreamed of being part of something great, of making your mark on history and helping to preserve our cultural heritage? Become a co-châtelain and shareholder in this fairytale castle, take part in its renaissance and enjoy exceptional privileges! Your investment of €79 per share entitles you to the many privileges of co-châtelains and to own a share in the SAS of Château de la Mothe Chandeniers.

Would you like to give a gift voucher (accompanied by a gift box) to someone close to you?

It's possible too! You need to purchase a voucher for a third party with the "Ma Part du Château" gift box by clicking on the "invest via the gift box" button. All the recipient has to do is activate the box and purchase the share.

This simple and secure way allows you to make your loved ones true co-châtelains and shareholders of this architectural jewel and participate in its renaissance (Frequently asked questions and tutorial at the bottom of the page).


For Valentine's Day, tell her how much you love her by giving her a slice of the castle! 

Co-châtelain Mothe Chandeniers
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Privileged access to the magic of La Mothe Chandeniers 

Mothe Chandeniers

By joining the adventure, you'll benefit from some exceptional advantages:

- Become a shareholder and co-châtelain,
- Benefit from free admission for life for open visits,

- Take part in private community events,
- Benefit from discounts on privatisations and the châteaux online shop,
- Take part in major decision-making processes,

- Exempt your investment from tax (for French tax residents only: see the eponymous section below).

As a shareholder and co-châtelain, you will be an integral part of the revitalisation of this historic treasure. You will also be invited to special events reserved for our community, sharing authentic moments with other enthusiasts from all over the world.

As a co-châtelain, your voice will be heard when important decisions are made, giving you the chance to shape the future of La Mothe Chandeniers in collaboration with the Dartagnans teams.

The privileges of co-châtelains according to their number of shares: 


Breakdown of your investment in the company's development

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Completed projects

A look back at 5 years of successes and challenges: the incredible story of a castle that was doomed to disappear.

Since 2018, almost 100,000 visitors have come to discover the rich history of the Mothe Chandeniers estate. There have also been almost 200 volunteer workcamps and 50 events over the last 5 years to bring the world's most romantic ruin back to life. Last but not least, several million euros have been invested in saving the château, sublimating the ruins, crystallising the remains and promoting a unique site.

Ongoing projects

Infographie EN 2024

Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects

The project to safeguard and develop the Domaine de la Mothe Chandeniers revolves around the creation of a unique tourist offer to help finance the restoration programme. After five years in operation, we have the opportunity to analyse the full potential of such a site.


Our aim is to turn the Château de la Mothe Chandeniers estate into a unique and economically viable tourist attraction.


By taking part in this adventure, you are making a direct contribution to the development of the project, the preservation of the château and the growth of the company. By becoming a shareholder in La Mothe Chandeniers, you are investing in an extraordinary project that combines a passion for preserving our heritage with the economic development of a castle.


Find out more about our current projects:

A unique accommodation offer: the installation of 4 eco-lodges in the grounds of the château

The installation of responsible, self-contained accommodation in the grounds, known as eco-lodges, will offer an unusual range of accommodation opposite the château. Nature lovers will be able to discover the Château from a different, more intimate angle.

Maison mitoyenne du Château de la Mothe Chandeniers
The creation of five junior suites in the adjoining house

The adjoining 300 m2 house will be converted into five junior suite bedrooms with private bathrooms, strengthening our financial capacity to undertake major work on the château.

The restoration avec the Château

The restoration of the château is the main theme of the La Mothe Chandeniers project. Our aim is to make the entire château accessible to visitors by creating suspended walkways.

In order to finance this ambitious programme, the development of tourism (accommodation, privatisations, visits, events, etc.) is an integral part of our vision.

Marie-Claire Le Stunff McDonough 4_edited.jpg
Restoration of the chapel and its stained glass windows 

The first work on the chapel will be to restore its unique stained glass windows.

The chapel at La Mothe Chandeniers is one of the highlights of the visitor experience.

How can I subscribe to a share or offer a share purchase voucher (box)?

The share without the box: for yourself or your minor child only.
If you wish to purchase one or more shares for yourself or your minor child, without the box, simply click on the "INVEST" button.


The share with the box: To offer yourself a share purchase voucher with the "Ma Part du Château" collector's box, simply click on the button: "INVEST VIA THE GIFT BOX".
If you would like more than one box, simply indicate the number of boxes you would like to receive on the form.

Inside, you'll find a membership card with a unique number (16 digits) and a unique code that you'll need to activate the box.

Note 1: Activating the box

The box must be activated as soon as it is received and before the end of the campaign. After this time, the value of the voucher it represents will be transformed into an anonymous donation to SAS Châteaux Merveilles and the beneficiary of the voucher/box will not benefit from the associated share and will therefore not be a shareholder. The value of the share purchase voucher and the associated delivery charges cannot be reimbursed to the purchaser.


Note 2: Box delivery

Boxes are sent out every month. 

For boxes sent outside France, delays may be added due to postal and customs specificities of each country.

Please note that if several vouchers (boxes) are ordered, only one delivery address may be indicated. In order to send the boxes to several different addresses, you will need to repeat the procedure for each box.



The IR PME scheme allows income tax payers to reduce the amount of their tax by 18% of the sums invested in the capital of French and European SMEs. 
Official source:
The amount of the tax reduction is calculated on the basis of payments made during
the following conditions:
✓ Subscription to the initial capital or a capital increase of an unlisted SME (BOI-IR-RICI-90-10-20) before 31 December of the current tax year.
✓ Conservation by the taxpayer of the securities acquired for at least 5 years from the date of subscription.
✓ Be an individual whose tax residence is in France.
✓ Carry forward the investment to the 2042 C tax return.
What amounts?
> €50,000 investment for a single person, i.e. a maximum tax reduction of €12,500
> €100,000 for married or civil union couples (joint taxation) for a maximum tax reduction of €25,000.
Please note that The rate of tax reduction has changed (see table below).



Please note that the tax benefits linked to the IR-PME scheme are not compatible with those linked to an investment via PEA or PEA-PME.

Please note: vouchers purchased for a third party are not eligible for tax relief under IR. 

The value of the box is not included in the value of your investment. 

Good to know: Parents can claim tax relief on their minor child's share.
To find out more about the IR PME scheme, see Taxation 1. What are the tax benefits of investing? section of the FAQ. 


Warning: This page is intended as a guide only and should not be used as a substitute for official (up-to-date) texts. Taxpayers remain solely responsible for their own tax returns. The income tax return filed with the tax authorities depends on the asset situation of each subscriber. As SAS Château de la Mothe Chandeniers is not a tax consultancy, we recommend that you contact the appropriate institutions for advice on these issues.


Where can I find my tax receipt/subscription form?
Your tax receipt corresponds to your subscription form. It will be issued and sent by email at the end of the investment campaign.

How to save tax on your investment ?

Co-châtelain de la Mothe Chandeniers


The box, the share - how does it work? Questions about how the investment works (for you, a relative, a minor child, etc.)? What do I gain by investing in this project?  What does being an investor involve and what are the risks? 

We answer all the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ, which you can find below:

FAQ Mothe Chandeniers project FR
FAQ Mothe Chandeniers project EN

Warning: investments present a significant risk of partial or total loss of capital, as well as a risk of illiquidity.

If you have any questions about the risks associated with investing, please refer to the FAQ: What does being an investor entail and what are the risks?

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